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Free Retirement Planning eBook

Free Retirement Planning eBook

You Will Learn:

  • How to maximize your Social Security benefits.
  • How to choose the right annuity for your retirement.
  • How Long Term Care Insurance can help protect your hard earned money in case of illness.
  • How to protect yourself against Identity Theft.
  • What to look for in Life Insurance.
  • What you should know that could save you money!
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If you haven’t moved your money into a fixed index annuity yet and have any concerns or questions contact me right away!

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Retirement planning

We will work with you to determine your options for retirement funds and the best solution for you.

Social security seminars & webinars
Social Security Seminar Schneiderman & Associates

life insurance

Life insurance comes in several different forms, choosing the right coverage is important. Depending on where you are in your life will determine the type of insurance you will need.

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Term Life Insurance ​

What is it?

Offers coverage for a certain term (years).

Ideal For:

Families with small children will want term coverage to help with raising small children in the event one person passes away.

Whole Life Insurance

What is it?

Offers coverage for your entire life (as long as premiums are paid).

Ideal For:

Everyone should have a Whole Life Policy to cover final expenses as well as any other outstanding bills that need to be covered.

Universal Life Insurance

What is it?

This is a combination of Term & Whole Life Insurance, however, if it is funded correctly it can last your entire life.

Ideal For:

This is for the person who wants the Whole Life coverage without the cost of Whole Life. With this policy you must understand if you don’t overfund the policy it may lapse before you pass.

I am so honored to not only call Cindy a partner but a friend. I have no hesitation in recommending Cindy as a life insurance and retirement planning expert. She one of the most ethically motivated financial service professionals I’ve ever worked with. Cindy is trustworthy, knowledgeable, loyal, professional, ambitious, reliable, and easy to work with. She excels at everything she does and will bring you straight to the top with her!

-Kristin Shea

Love working with you wonderful Schneiderman’s and this great team!

–Terre Walsh